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January 7, 2009

Holiday Organisation

The holidays are a busy time. Why? Everyone’s shopping. Sunbaking. BBQing. Travelling. And buying more, more, more! When you’re busy, things tend to slip around the house. Bills fall behind. And with all that shopping, more stuff sneaks into your home. Start the year right by taking control of post-holiday clutter.

Purge the Chrissy decorations

When you take down your decorations—whether it’s the lights on the house or the ornaments on the tree—it’s a great time to sort through old, unused, or broken decorations. Also limit decorations to the space you have, and clearly label the boxes in which they’re stored. Use different boxes for type of decoration (eg lights or the tree) to avoid confusion and help keep order. A little effort here will pay off next Christmas!

Use the right storage containers

Using divided boxes for tree ornaments and padding for lights to ensure that expensive items are not crushed or damaged in storage. Large, plastic stackable bins are great for lights, decorations, and larger seasonal items. Label them clearly and store them in the less-trafficked zone of your home or garage.

Create clear labels and attach one to the front of each bin so that you can clearly and quickly find what you’re looking for!


December 20, 2008

Declutter Your Finances Part 2

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Chat with friends and neighbours, and figure out how you can save a little money by pooling your resources together. Perhaps a neighbourhood DVD library so everyone can borrow movies. A great way to save some money, meet your neighbours and save the price of a movie and that mad-expensive popcorn.

Want to redecorate your living room, but don’t want to spend the money on new furniture? Instead, trade couches with a friend or family member and save $2,000! If are both in similar condition, and you have similar taste – everyone wins!

Get creative for gift-giving! Use the plums from your plum tree to make jelly and jam for all your friends instead of spending $350 on gifts. Say $30 for buying the cans or jars, the sugar and wrapping paper. Use your printer to personalise the label. Great activity that the kids can be involved in too.

December 10, 2008

Declutter Your Finances Part 1

·        Make a little money from all the stuff that’s lying around. Designer-label clothing and shoes, musical instruments, collectibles, sporting goods and even car parts can all generate a good amount of money on online auction sites or in consignment stores. Every little bit helps!

·        Chat with friends and neighbours, and figure out how you can save a little money by pooling your resources together. Organise a neighbourhood DVD library so everyone can borrow movies. It’s a great way to save some money, meet your neighbours and save the price of a movie and crazy-expensive popcorn.

·       Enlist the help of the whole family and collect every magazine and catalogue you can find in the house, gather them in one room and arrange them into piles. Decide what magazines and catalogues you just don’t need or read anymore. Go online or call to immediately cancel the subscriptions.

December 2, 2008

Other Ideas For Christmas

Other Ideas

Any parent would love to receive a family portrait

  i-pod accessories

• Ten Pin Bowling

• Surf lessons or Extreme activities in your area

• Golf or Putt Putt

• • Harbour coffee cruises, river cruises

• family zoo pass

Beauty treatments are a delicious indulgence.

• Driving lessons

• Have a grandparent that doesn’t see their grand kids often? Put a photo on a mug and they can enjoy them and the cup of tea! Have a father who’s just discovered computers? Put a funny photo from your childhood on a mouse pad.


If you prefer a more personal touch: handmade chocolates, cake, biscuits or decorations. A selection of handmade cards to use throughout the year will make a lasting impression.

Instead of the gift exchange, start a new tradition with extended family. Combine resources to donate to a charity OR do a draw to buy for one person up to a set amount (eg $100) instead of buying for all. OR just buy for the children…

Create a Gift List and keep it handy. List all the people you have to buy for, as well as their size, likes, dislikes and previous gifts given. Take it with you shopping as a reference. No more doubling up or last minute dash for a forgotten gift!

November 20, 2008

Clutter Free Christmas

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A 2007 survey estimated that 760 million was spent on unwanted gifts last Christmas. Most common unwanted gifts were scented candles, foot spas and kitchen electrical gadgets.  2 in 10 received socks or jocks. Who buys the most useless gifts? Apparently, work colleagues and MOTHERS-IN-LAW!


‘Vouchers’ or ‘gift cards’ are quick & painless.

It’s rare that you pick something that someone actually loves. People usually return something because it was the wrong size (or perhaps they don’t like it and just said it didn’t fit). Take out the guess work out and get a voucher!

Wish Gift Card –

At you can buy a virtual gift card which is emailed to the recipient who then uses the cash amount you’ve designated to buy things on-line.

• Movie tickets – (buy a book of 10 and hand them out…)

• Shopping vouchers to any store will please a young person: Sportsgirl, JB Hi-Fi, Borders

• Magazine subscriptions, for teenagers or adults (these are great for kids who get alot of stuff at Christmas as your gift lasts for 12 months)

More tips next week….

November 6, 2008

Get Ready for Summer! Declutter This Spring!

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Whether it’s the garage, that space under the stairs, the spare bedroom, or the attic, everyone has a fave black hole for things that they don’t need right away, might need someday, or just can’t get rid of. It’s time to tackle your storage areas!


Divide your home into areas and tackle any storage closets in one zone each week during this month. The four areas might be the garage, bedrooms, living areas, and laundry—choose areas that make sense to you.

Spread the load

Ask friends or family to help if the amount of stuff in storage is large. This can help make the task manageable. Volunteer to return the favour.

Remember—you only have the space you have!

Cull the items you have stored to fit the space you have. Specify areas in your home for needed temporary storage—garage sale items, gifts for re-gifting, or borrowed items like books or videos that need to be returned. There’s lots of school fetes at the moment – get a stall and get RID of the junk!!

Storage areas

Discard items no longer needed or used, store like items together, and clearly label storage containers and boxes. Remember that garages are often cold and damp. If you have a rented storage space, keep in mind that storage outside your home should only be used in extreme circumstances, and then only for a short period of time.

Think about what’s stored in your garage. Out of sight is out of mind. Now’s How long have you had it? What if you take the plunge and sell or discard everything in there? Would your life change in any way (other than that you’d have space to breathe in)?

October 28, 2008

Tips on Adding Simplicity to Your Technology

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5. Keep it Clean

You may not thing about it much but dust, condensation and even mold can get into your technology and reek havoc with it. Most technology needs nothing more than a regular dust to keep it in top condition. The fans on your computer are especially susceptible to drawing in all the nasties in the environment (especially if your desktop computer is actually a floor residing one). You can use your vacuum cleaner on low with the upholstery brush to clean the dust from the back of your computer. While you’re at it the same attachment works wonders on the keyboard.

Never use commercial cleaning products on any part of your technology, especially screens (it sends them cloudy) and if you are unsure always consult the user documentation or the manufacturer’s website.


There is of course one place where you don’t want to simplify things when it comes to technology – your passwords!

Make sure that any password you have contains a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and if permitted characters such as !@#*.

Try to avoid words that are commonly found in the dictionary and definitely DON’T use birthdays or drivers license numbers.

So there you have it 5 tips to keep things simple when it comes to your technology and one way that simple can get your technology in trouble.

October 5, 2008

Tip 4 On Adding Simplicity to Your Technology

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4. Get a regular 10,000kms service

Just like you service other regularly used machines to keep them running well unless you give your computer a regular service the hard drive can slow down, the RAM can get clogged up and your frustration levels can rise. Many people believe that it might be time for a new computer when this happens when in fact all that is needed is a regular service.

If you are an everyday user of your computer then I would suggest a monthly clean-up and defragmentation of your hard drive using the systems tools that came with your computer. Every 6 months I would suggest a visit by your favourite technician to clean up the registry, make sure that there aren’t unnecessary processes running and to maximise the speed of the machine.

Tip 3 On Adding Simplicity to Your Technology

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3. Simplify your backup procedure

When it comes to backing up digital data my experience is “if it’s not easy it doesn’t happen”. Are you willing to loose all your files, photos and audio downloads (that you paid good money for) for the sake of not having an easy to use backup system?

You could get an external hard drive where backing up is as simple as pressing a button on the front of the unit. You may prefer an off line option – it loads a piece of software on your computer that backs up modified files while the computer is idle and you are doing other things.

September 19, 2008

Today’s Tips on Adding Simplicity to Your Technology

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2. Match Your Digital Filing to your Paper Filing

A quick way to find things is to have you document filing be consistent, regardless of whether it is digital or paper based. So if you have a folder in your filing cabinet called “tax 2008″ for your taxation paperwork then make sure you also have a folder on your hard drive called “tax 2008″. Simple and consistent is what works best here.

Every time you go to create a new virtual folder, check for duplicates or too similiar titles. Use the most descriptive folder titles possible to avoid needing to enter the folder to see what’s there.

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