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July 23, 2009

Winter time-savers

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check out these time-savers…

Cut out one commitment.

At work, say no to taking on another project.

At home, say no to taking on one more responsibility – canteen duty, committee secretary, hosting a formal dinner party.

Get organised about dinner. Plan your meals, make a shopping list and shop just once a week.

Save on routine maintenance. Invest in easy care fabrics and surfaces. Save time cleaning by keeping dirt out in the first place. This applies to your inbox as well!

Cut down on clutter. Extra stuff needs extra maintenance and it’s easy to misplace the stuff the matters when you’re surrounded by stuff that doesn’t.

Stay out of the car. Reduce trips by banking and shopping online, or by consolidating errands and completing them all on one day.

Set deadlines and follow through. Make expectations and consequences clear. “I need feedback on the draft by 5pm today, then the final letter goes out at 6pm.” Guaranteed you won’t be waiting days for feedback. At home, invest in a good alarm clock and training to use it.

Let everyone know it’s their responsibility to get up on time, not yours to rouse them. I suspect the hardest part is the follow through. Nothing is more effective than setting expectations and consistently following through on consequences. Reminders, nagging and second chances only weaken your position.


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