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May 9, 2009

Does it matter really?

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The February Black Saturday bushfires here in Victoria have made us all aware of the preciousness of the here-and-now and of our mortality.

The loss of lives of all ages can make you wonder: how many of those people had made choices to put off things they valued in order to meet someone else’s expectations. How many of them made compromises based on the assumption that they’d be around to make up for any regrets?

It’s like the person who dies suddenly leaving behind a beautiful scented candle or an exquisite lacy nightie that has never been used. The family may have never seen it before. She had been keeping it for a special occasion – the one that never came.

In fact, how many of our mothers (or maybe us) keep the “good” silverware, crockery,or glassware in a cupboard? Too scared to enjoy the beauty of these valuable items in case something gets broken or damaged?

Does it matter really?

One of the guiding principles to use when trying to put strong feelings or strong compulsions into perspective is this simple question. Will this matter in twelve months time?May help you turn the squeaky wheel to mute so you can allow your values to get a say.

What About You?

How do you manage the difficult choices?

What is your most important value?

What has been the hardest choice you’ve had to make?

What do you do with the regret that sometimes accompanies our difficult choices?


May 2, 2009

Values & To Do Lists: Distractions!

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Sometimes when we’re deciding what goes into the round filing cabinet (the bin, my fave filing cabinet!) – and what gets DONE first, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets our attention and the values-driven tasks can get outsqueaked. So the boss hammering us to finish a project may just sound louder than the cries of your baby.

Yes I know it’s a dilemma that doesn’t have easy answers. We make compromises all the way through our lives. In hindsight some compromises sit well, and some leave us with regret.

Just like a new dad, we have all made decisions that assume there’ll be time later. Many couples building a career at times can make a decision that career comes first. The first decision to tear yourself away from a family or partner commitment in favour of your work is often an agonising one. Unfortunately, they get easier from then on.

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