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April 23, 2009

Values and To Do Lists

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How do values and To Do Lists work toegther? Big projects without any vision or value behind it, can end up meaningless to us. We don’t see any positive payback so the task remains unfinished.

Without sufficient activities and decisions that meet with your values, life becomes hollow, dissatisfying and eventually soul-destroying.

If we keep treating our most important values as meaningless relics, that’s exactly what they’ll become. Michael Josephson

How does a young mum or father try to juggle the competing needs of their beautiful new baby and the career make/break project they are now leading? It’s his/her first big chance. And in his/her mind and the present economic climate, it could be their last.

How does do we deal with the “to-do list from hell” in our projects when there’s a sweet-smelling little baby waiting at home? How does a father look his tired wife in the eyes as he leaves home at 5.30am and walks in at 7pm? How does he make the choice to eat his dinner and pull out his laptop and work from home for a couple more hours?

Yes, he probably does say to himself, it’s only a few weeks more. And we can all understand why that could be a reasonable choice for him.

But is it a real choice he’s making? Is it driven by his most important values?


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