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November 20, 2008

Clutter Free Christmas

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A 2007 survey estimated that 760 million was spent on unwanted gifts last Christmas. Most common unwanted gifts were scented candles, foot spas and kitchen electrical gadgets.  2 in 10 received socks or jocks. Who buys the most useless gifts? Apparently, work colleagues and MOTHERS-IN-LAW!


‘Vouchers’ or ‘gift cards’ are quick & painless.

It’s rare that you pick something that someone actually loves. People usually return something because it was the wrong size (or perhaps they don’t like it and just said it didn’t fit). Take out the guess work out and get a voucher!

Wish Gift Card –

At you can buy a virtual gift card which is emailed to the recipient who then uses the cash amount you’ve designated to buy things on-line.

• Movie tickets – (buy a book of 10 and hand them out…)

• Shopping vouchers to any store will please a young person: Sportsgirl, JB Hi-Fi, Borders

• Magazine subscriptions, for teenagers or adults (these are great for kids who get alot of stuff at Christmas as your gift lasts for 12 months)

More tips next week….


November 6, 2008

Get Ready for Summer! Declutter This Spring!

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Whether it’s the garage, that space under the stairs, the spare bedroom, or the attic, everyone has a fave black hole for things that they don’t need right away, might need someday, or just can’t get rid of. It’s time to tackle your storage areas!


Divide your home into areas and tackle any storage closets in one zone each week during this month. The four areas might be the garage, bedrooms, living areas, and laundry—choose areas that make sense to you.

Spread the load

Ask friends or family to help if the amount of stuff in storage is large. This can help make the task manageable. Volunteer to return the favour.

Remember—you only have the space you have!

Cull the items you have stored to fit the space you have. Specify areas in your home for needed temporary storage—garage sale items, gifts for re-gifting, or borrowed items like books or videos that need to be returned. There’s lots of school fetes at the moment – get a stall and get RID of the junk!!

Storage areas

Discard items no longer needed or used, store like items together, and clearly label storage containers and boxes. Remember that garages are often cold and damp. If you have a rented storage space, keep in mind that storage outside your home should only be used in extreme circumstances, and then only for a short period of time.

Think about what’s stored in your garage. Out of sight is out of mind. Now’s How long have you had it? What if you take the plunge and sell or discard everything in there? Would your life change in any way (other than that you’d have space to breathe in)?

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